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Threading the amadeus story

This is internal video outlining the top employers award received in 2023. The audience is internal, and designed to inspire the organization about the award and to explain how we embody the new Amadeus story in our social media communications.

Amadeus as Top Employers 2023 

We only progress by working together

Amadeus has found itself on the winning podium once again with the ‘Top Employer 2023’ certification in various countries, including Bulgaria, France, Germany, India, Poland, and the UK by the Top Employer Institute, making it the third consecutive year.

Recognition from this global authority reflects our dedication to making travel better by connecting the industry and working together. 🌍✨

Incorporating connectivity and collaboration in visual design

To bring our recognition as Top Employers 2023 to life, we embarked on designing an animated GIF that resonates with our core values of connectivity and collaboration. The visual design was carefully crafted to incorporate vibrant videos representing each of the awarded countries. Through this visual medium, we aimed to capture the spirit of connectivity and working together, showcasing the diversity and talent within Amadeus.

Vibrant images reflecting each country’s essence

From the historic landmarks of Bulgaria, the romantic streets of France, the innovative spirit of Germany, and the cosmopolitan vibes of the UK, each vibrant image in the GIF represents a unique aspect of the respective country. These visuals serve as a testament to the diverse talent pool that fuels Amadeus and the global connections we foster.

Symbolic transitions signifying connectivity

The seamless transitions between the videos within the GIF symbolize the interconnectedness we strive for at Amadeus. It signifies the collaborative efforts that drive our success and reinforces the notion that together, we can overcome challenges and achieve remarkable outcomes.

High engagement and positive feedback

Our LinkedIn post featuring the animated GIF garnered exceptional engagement and positive feedback. With 1,267 reactions, 9 comments, and 170 reposts, it resonated strongly with our audience. The reactions, reposts, and comments came not only from our own team members but also from other users, highlighting the widespread recognition and appreciation for our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Powerful final reminder 

This achievement is not just an individual triumph, but a collective win for our entire organization. It serves as a powerful reminder of the strength that comes from working together, connecting the industry, and fostering meaningful partnerships.

Let us harness this momentum, stay inspired, and collectively drive Amadeus forward on our journey to shape the future of the travel industry.

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As part of our commitment to ESG, we will donate the entirety of any price value to IDH (The Sustainable Trade Initiative).

IDH is an NGO that works towards sustainable agricultural practices and forest conservation. Their initiatives focus on improving farmers’ livelihoods, protecting natural resources, and promoting fair trade.


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