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CMF Ebooks

CMF counted on TW to develop two of their Ebooks; one based on their services and the second one on explaining mediation for lawyers.

LCAM Ebooks

LCAM opted for creating two versions of the same Ebook, one adapted to their business clients and the second one focused on lawyers.

CEDR Ebooks

CEDR has multiple offerings, therefore four different Ebooks displaying each of their services were created. 

Other Ebooks

This section includes a mix of different Ebooks of different clients, from the coaching industry to arts and crafts.

August 2020 - ongoing

CMF Ebooks

CMF stands for Centre of Mediation Fide. It is an independent Mediation Centre which specialises in Commercial Alternative Dispute Resolution Disputes.

CMF was founded by The Foundation for Research on Law and Business (Fide) to promote a cultural change in the approach to business conflicts. 

CMF counted on TW to develop two of their Ebooks; one based on their services and the second one on explaining mediation for lawyers.

Fide developed an Ebook that illustrates a Guide to Good Practices for Disability in Law firms.

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May 2020 - ongoing

LCAM Ebooks

LCAM is the London Chamber of Arbitration and Mediation. They have combined dispute resolution and digital innovation to provide arbitration and mediation services.

LCAM counted on TW to develop two of their Ebooks; which illustrate their service offering. Both Ebooks offer the same content slightly modified depending on the target audience (business and lawyers).

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June 2017 - ongoing

CEDR Ebooks

The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) specialises in mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). They are an independent non-profit organisation and a registered charity.

Their service offering includes commercial mediation, training and conflict management among others.

CEDR developed several Ebooks, the first one being to aquire new clients for their training service and send it by email as a proposal.

The second one serves as a way to make their audience aware of the cost of conflict and drive them to book a a session on conflict management.

As part as their Foundation initiative, CEDR developed a Diversity Report with different infographics.

Finally, CEDR created a Memorandum for the family one of their most loved trainers.

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