It’s time to harness the power of digital publishing.

1. Introduction

After successful collaborations between CEDR & TW, Tailored Web has taken the initiave to develop a few ideas on how to improve CEDR’s current website interaction on their Mediation Skills Training  (MST) Page.

In this context, it is important to note that financial proposal could be provided after CEDR’s interest on the ideas suggested.

It’s time to harness the power of digital publishing.

2. Ideas

Increase Website Interaction

This section recommends ideas on how to improve the viewers interaction of the current MST Website to create a similar effect as the Cost of Conflict.

New Website Features

This section covers ideas on new website features that could be implemented on the MST page and later on others.

New Website Content

This section puts forward ideas on new content creation for the current website to add value to customers.

It’s time to harness the power of digital publishing.

2.1. Increase Website Interaction

We recommend 2 main ways on how to improve the current MST page interaction.

These include:


Download Report – When going into a MST course customers want to know how to mediate. Therefore, giving them a report which covers the basics of Mediation is a good idea. This increases the interaction and also the trust on CEDR course.

An example of what this report could cover: Download this free special report- Mediation secrets for better business negotiations: top techniques from mediation. What is mediation and What are the phases of it?


Self-Assessment: Another option to increase interaction is giving customers a survey so that they can asses their skills as mediators before the course. (e.g. What is your negotiation default style?)

  • Quantitative Assessment: The survey could yield a set of index scores that can be used to establish a quantitative assessment of the skills that they currently own as a mediator.
  • Remeasure Results: Following the MST training the survey is again completed.
  • Comparison of Results: A comparison of pre- and post-implementation indices provide a concrete measure of the impact of training in the core competencies.

Examples Download Report

Access the website

Examples Survey

Access the website

It’s time to harness the power of digital publishing.

2.2 New Website Features

Embeded Podcasts & Videos

Both could be use to further explain a concept (e.g. course methodology) or to record testimonials. Both features could be recycled and used to build other parts of the website as the insights section.

Slideshows & Image Carrousels

These could show different pictures of how is the course, giving a good perception of the methodology (eg. Role Plays, flipcharts etc.) while displaying information about it (e.g Benefits, slogan, testimonials etc.) 

CEDR Logo Loader Animation

Loading time is very crucial for your website’s success. You need to keep your users engaged for those milliseconds, if you want them to retain, you have to take preloaders into consideration.

Design Everything, Think with Feeling

2.3. New Website Content

We recommend 5 main types of new content development

These include:


Animated Graphs to display data related to the course (eg. pass rate 80%, 60% female male participants, 40 countries etc.)


Animated Map to show diversity of course participants, mediation network access or trainers


Hand Drawn Iconography to display benefits of the course and to make the content easily digestible.


Business Logos that have book the course for their employees. It will be a second way of portraying testimonials and increase credibility.


What happens after the course? MyCEDR support and mentoring masterclasses.