About the project

The Fide Mediation Center (CMF) specializes in mediation and alternative dispute resolution.

Branding | Graphic Design | Web

Fide came to us to develop its new venture, CMF, a mediation centre. We helped them develop a brand identity, a website, social media content, and ebooks.

For the brand identity, we used Fide’s logo as a starting point and designed a colour palette that reflects Fide’s ambitious goals in ADR. The result was a brand that is fresh and cool while remaining sophisticated.

We created a website that reflects the new brand identity. We wanted it to feel like an extension of their existing website, so we kept a similar navigation structure but updated everything else with the new colours and fonts. The result is a seamless transition between CMF & Fide—the same user experience with a fresh look!

We also crafted social media content based on the new brand identity. We created images that reflect the same colour palette as our other work while still being unique enough to stand out.