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Diversity CEDR

Report that portraits diversity in commercial mediation in the UK.


June to August 2019


London. United Kingdom


Branding and Illustration

About the project

The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) specialises in mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). 

Since 2018, the CEDR has been working on a major initiative to improve diversity and inclusion in civil and commercial mediation. 

CEDR approached Tailored Web, a working group of mediators, lawyers and users of mediation to represent the barriers to diversity for gender, race and age in commercial mediation.

Ethnicity and Age Representation


Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Indesign

A particular challenge was how to create the images of the report and embody in different characters the diverse characteristics of the mediators in the UK, given the controversies that these images could awake.

We wanted to represent male and female images, across ages and ethnicity without being either overly explicit or cliched in depiction, or in excluding any particular group.

For this reason, all of our characters are faceless and we have chosen to represent the image of the project playing with symbolism and therefore leaving the readers to their own imagination. The three most important diversity characteristics to capture the project’s image were; ethnicity, gender and age. 

To depict the mediator’s ethnicities, we thought that the best fit for these characters would be showing different grey colour gradients. This would avoid biases in classifying a mediator by their skin type. 

Regarding the representation of the mediator’s gender, the chosen symbolism was the hair type and length. Medium to long hair length was chosen to represent females and medium to short hair for males. This does not imply that women cannot have short hair or that men cannot have long hair. More characters/images are yet to be designed with these characteristics.

To embody the different ages, we played with the shape of the body and iconic or representative accessories such as necklaces, glasses and clothes. The reason behind this was to remove the stigmas that society has on age and then let the readers decide an approximate age range of the character.

Report Cover


In light of CEDR’s existing brand image, we decided to give the imagery a colourful approach by incorporating their brand’s logo colours and giving them a modern but sleek look. This, in turn, captures strong attention from the reader to the characters which is exactly we wanted with the short version of the report, to be easy to read, engaging and captivating.