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Fuse Fitness

Gym class studio based in Brixton.


September 2019 – December 2019


London. United Kingdom



Logo Sketch

About the project

Fuse Fitness is a gym class studio in London. They offer a wide variety of classes which cover strength, resistance, cardio and balance. Fuse Fitness needed a new logo for their Christmas campaign.

Fuse Fitness Logo


Photoshop | Illustrator | Dribble | Pinterest

Fuse Fitness had a fixed idea of how the new logo should be: modern and sharp. It should contain both FF from their name.

The difficulty of this project was to guide the fitness company to conceptualise their fixed idea into a clear and objective logo. Modern and sharp could be subjective attributes conceptualised in different forms.

Therefore, we created several inspiration boards to orient the client to narrow down the idea into an objective concept.

The concept: both FF’s in a sharp and modern triangle.  The triangle was chosen due to the fact that could be associated to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs pyramid. A concept that the company wanted to explore to depict their branding image.