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Gillian Caroe

Mediator, Facilitator and Coach.


April 2020 – July 2020


London. United Kingdom


Webpage, Illustration and Branding

About the project

Gillian Caroe is a renowned professional in the mediation industry. She is also an experienced facilitator and coach. Some of the companies she worked with include Royal Bank of Scotland, Mars Inc, NHS and CEDR.

Gillian engaged Tailored Web to design and develop her online persona. This included a tailored website, logo and iconography and three CVs to be downloadable in the website. After this project, Gillian decided to continue to engage Tailored Web to further develop her online presence in social media and creating branded content such as mediation agreement word templates and tailored training power points templates.

Isabel managed to achieve an impressive balance between respecting my ideas and also offering her own expertise and thoughts and it felt like a very easy and productive partnership.

Gillian Caroe, Mediator, Facilitator and Coach

September, 2020

Website Wiremap


Illustrator | WordPress | Divi Builder

Before engaging TW, Gillian Caroe already counted on a website which displayed her mediation service. However, her website had two main problems; first, it did not represent her other two services, second, she did not feel that the website represented her personality as a mediator, facilitator or coach.

Therefore, we ensured to develop a website which clearly depicted her three services synthesising the many interesting skills and experiences our client had acquired during her ongoing successful career.

To represent her personality we opted for different illustration and branding components which could be found below.

This resulted in a website with a powerful personality which portrays Gillians’s services and experience in an interesting way and tailored to her audience.

Gillian Caroe Logo


Illustrator | Pinterest

To define Gillian’s personal brand we started by aiding her to envision the values she wanted to portray. Additionally, we guided her through the process of deciding the adequate tone of voice for her content. We scheduled weekly sessions to review the progress and set up challenging brainstorming sessions.

Her brand needed to feel professional and serious, in line with the industry. But also, it had to represent her warm personality and unique style.

To tackle this challenge, we worked very closely with her, identifying her needs, beliefs and preferences. Several mood boards were created which helped choose a final representative style. 

An abstract nature-based style which could represent the calmness of coming into a resolution and the inspiration for coaching and facilitation.

Hand-drawn iconography and logo which helps understand the warmth of her personality mixed with the dark colours to represent the cold and professional industry.

Additionally, percentages, numbers and figures were used as a main branding component to reinforce the authority and credibility of her profile.

Once we defined the brand guidelines, we went on to implement it throughout the webpage, imagery and CVs.

Adobe Package | Illustrator

Once the brand guidelines were in place, we started developing the imagery required. This consisted of hand-drawn style iconography (6 icons), a logo and three different CVs.

The main challenge depicting the illustrations was to choose a relevant illustrative concept for each of components that needed to be portrayed. Additionally, incorporating the hand-drawn guidelines was limiting some of the ideas.

To develop the illustrations we co-developed with Gillian a mood board with relevant examples for each deliverable. Subsequently, we developed each piece of work according to the agreed hand-drawn guidelines.