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Malee Natural Science

International cosmetics company with its roots firmly in South Africa. A fragrance and body care brand that uses natural active ingredients inspired by African tribes while excluding as many known allergens, toxins and animal derived products.


August 2017 – February 2018


London. United Kingdom



Behind the scenes – Photoshoot

About the project

Malee Natural Science engaged Tailored Web to execute end-to-end 360 campaign launches, ensuring consistency in execution across all channels and platforms. This included creating press releases, Web page and social media content in line with their existing brand guidelines. Inspired by Africa, grounded in nature, perfected by science.

Photoshoots and Social Media Content


Adobe Indesign | Adobe Illustrator | Canva

Malee Natural Science counted on a team of professionals that would edit and upload the content to the different media channels. Our main focus therefore, was idea creation ensuring brand consistency and adequate tone of voice.

The main difficulty while working with Malee Natural Science was providing weekly mass content ideas for social media calendar and Web page which had into consideration budget, time and capacity limits. 

The last two constraints were overcome by placing the content calendar two weeks ahead and assisting in their photo shoots and editing. We used the power of natural ingredients for our all campaign content. This did not only reduce the budget expenditure but also had a powerful impact (increase of 20%) among customer engagement across Instagram.

Customer engagement did also increase by a 15% in the “behind the scenes” type of content. This content portrayed the human side of the brand, in other words, the professional team behind content creation. Using natural ingredients in the photo shoot provided a messy and fun feel which the audience was not used to.

Social Media Imagery and Photoshoots


Adobe Indesign | Adobe Illustrator | Canva

Press Releases needed to be created for events and Pinterest Boards. To overcome the difficulty of mass production, we created several templates that could be edited by their team with the tool Canva.