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Old Mill

Authentic regeneration of a 200 year old, heritage rich farm site into a variety of highly sustainable, innovative housing.


May 2020 – June 2020


London. United Kingdom



About the project

Old Mill was a 300-year-old farm steading long since abandoned that has been transformed into an exquisite harmonious grouping of highly individual, no two alike, houses;

The entire site is centred on renewable and sustainable living and reinstate the numerous cultural and architectural features with traditional recycled materials by local craftsmen.

As with all historical sites there is a core narrative of yesteryear farming centred around wheat growing and flour production from the horse powered mill – this narrative is continued to this day with full painstaking restoration of the Mill House and heritage tribute to a stone and thatched roof pump house.

Old Mill reached out TW to transform the old logo into a new one in line with its brand values. Furthermore, the client requested advice on the colours that should be used.

Thank you most sincerely for all this – it is a really good basis from which to start and appreciate the way you have make the elements component parts.

Old Mill Founder and Managing Director

June 2020

Old Mill Logo


Adobe Illustrator 

Logo Components 

  • Mountains and Farming Fields: Our business concept is to provide a modern retreat in the countryside where the nature and vegetation are very rich. Therefore, the idea of representing mountains and fields drawn with very thin lines will provide that mix between heritage, nature and a modern feel.
  • Roof: The way the house has been portrayed could be perceived as a solid place to stay in the middle of the countryside or the idea of “quality set in stone”. It has a solid rectangular brick as the base with a thick roof. To highlight even more the idea of a solid place to stay, the roof of the house has been filled with colour rather than just being a thin border like the mountains.
  • Sun: The sun is one of the most powerful renewable energy. Therefore, it is perfect to represent our values of sustainable living and renewable energy.

Feel and Shape

  • Colours: Yellow Black and White. Yellow was chosen to represent roof straw and the farming heritage of wheat growing and flour production from the horse-powered mill. Additionally, the psychology of yellow is correlated to optimism and warmth which are great attributes to associate with a retreat in the countryside.
  • Rounded Shape: Old Mill House is rounded and therefore, it made sense for the logo to be a circle rather than a square.
  • Minimal and Modern Look: Keeping the old logo simplistic lines and to represent the website value “developed by design ” my proposal is to have minimal thin lines as opposed to bold and thick ones. Moreover, different competitors that offer highly sustainable innovative housing for retreats they all use minimal thin lines in their logos.