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Context| Foreseen challenges


Objectives and Approach | Deliverables 


Professional fees

Design Everything, Think with Feelings.

1. Introduction

Ana Bauder (“Ana” o el “Cliente”) has invited Tailored Web Ltd. (“TW”), a company based in London, UK focused in the design and development of online presence of businesses and individuals. TW will be:

1.1. Developing and designing the brand Mediate & Co (“Mediate&Co”);

1.2. Assisting in the launch of Mediate&Co; and

1.3. Supporting in the post-launch maintenance of the brand’s presence.

Ana is a dual-qualified lawyer who works on commercial and consumer disputes as a member of CEDR’s UK Mediator Panel. Previously Ana and TW have collaborated successfully in the development of Ana’s personal brand (“ABauder” or “”).

In this context, the development of Mediate&Co calls for another engagement in which TW will support not only in the development of the new website and brand but also in the launch and post-launch of this new brand.

This is our proposal (the “Proposal”) and presents our methodology, objectives and deliverables as well as establishes an indicative timeline and budget to complete the project.

Case Studies

See How These Companies Gained Success With Us

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Design Everything, Think with Feelings.

2. Methodology & Deliverables

Objectives and approach

The objective of this engagement is to support Mediate&Co from inception to post launch. Mediate&Co will be an extension of Ana’s personal brand, yet it should be an independent brand.

Logo & Documents

that includes logo development and documentation design

Pick and Choose Services

Imagery illustration and animation to fine-tune the brand and reaching your audience.

Tailored Web

Website development and deployment.


SEO and Social Media, advertising strategy as part as post-manteinance service.


D1: Logo

Three main steps: brand evaluation, idea development, execution.

D2: Documentation

Design of  a variety of documents that include: Model Mediation Agreement, Settlement, Code of Ethics…

D3: Website

Five main stages: Abauder’s audit, exploration, content dev., technical dev., deployment and delivery.

D4: Pick and Choose

Variety of services to pick and choose so as to make your brand and website shine.

Design Everything, Think with Feelings.

2.1. Logo & Documents

TW will assist Mediate&Co in the development of a Logo for its brand.

Logo development is comprised of three main steps:

Brand evaluation: TW and Ana will develop a list of attributes which the brand should contain to appeal to the target audience. These values will be contrasted with relevant industry players to establish a unique postion for Mediate&Co within the alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) space.


Idea development: Together, Ana and TW will create a Pinterest board with potential logo ideas. Then a mixture of these will be selected to develop the new logo.


Execution and Finalisation: TW will develop a first logo draft to be discussed with the Client. Ana will provide feedback on this draft and based on this feedback, TW will subsequently finalise.


Please note that custom imagery or illustration development is not included in this step. It will be part of 2.3. Pick and Choose Services.

Clients Logos Examples

Logo Examples


Logo Examples


Logo Examples


Logo Examples


Business Card Example


Business Card Example


Design and formatting of relevant documentation

Once provided with the contents, TW will assist in the development of the design and format of the following documents:

ADR Clause Model; Model Mediation Procedure; Model Mediation Agreement; Model Mediation Settlement Agreement; Code of Ethics; and Complaints Procedure. 

Design Everything, Think with Feelings.

2.2 Tailored Web

Based on our experience, we anticipate the following five main stages for the development of the Website.

We will perform an evaluation of Abauder’s website with recommendations on how to improve it.

Exploration, functional design and development of “guiding page”: First, we will explore the different concepts to be represented in the Website. Second we will develop the requirements for the website schema, functionalities and a first draft of the “guiding page” (probably the homepage) that will serve as a guide for the visual design.

(Visual and written) Content development
  • TW will assist in the development, conceptualisation and visualisation of the website imagery and illustrations. Additionally, TW will support in the creation of written content while also providing advice on the strategy and synthesisation of it. Please note that custom imagery or illustration development is not included within the scope.
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA: Senior assistance in content development: At TW, we count with seasoned HR advisors to strategically assist our clients in the development of content that is both impactful and informative.
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA: Keyword research: If required, we can perform a targeted research on the most used mediation industry keywords. This will allow Mediate&Co to achieve a higher ranking in the most popular search engines (i.e., Google) and will save a great amount of time later down the line as we will develop content with such keywords in mind.
Website technical development and settings

We will work on the migration and hosting while taking care of the implementation of the necessary tools for development and deployment. This includes but is not limited to tools for:

  • SEO: Such as Google Analytics or RankMath to segment the audience and market the site once launched.
  • Security and development: Such as the Premium Divi Builder Pro which is a similar solution to Elementor but with more advanced capabilities and features; and
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA: Calendar booking feature: Such as the Calendly API to sync calendar bookings directly from the website.
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA Payments: Such as PayPal or Stripe APIs to accept and process payments
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA A/B Testing set up: A/B testing is often used to implement different designs and chose the one that most encourages people who to buy a certain product or service offered through a website. Hence, once payments are implemented, A/B testing will allow Mediate&Co to design, test and implement the most effective design. In this step we will make sure all the necessary tools are installed and updated for the later implementation of A/B testing.
Delivery and Website Deployment

Based on the Abauder’s website audit, we will develop a prioritised list of items to be taken into account when developing the Mediate&Co website. For example, if we encounter that speed could be improved in Abauder we will perform a series of testing to maximise the performance of the new website for Mediate&Co before delivery. Subsequently we will deliver the Website to the Client and allow for 14 days of supported amendments.

Website Examples

Dig Deeper

Website Examples

Dig Deeper

Committed to People, Committed to the Future.

Dig Deeper

Committed to People, Committed to the Future.

Dig Deeper

Design Everything, Think with Feelings.

2.3. Pick and Choose

Imagery illustration and animation to fine-tune the brand and reaching your audience.

You pick the services you find most beneficial to leverage your website and brand.


Your service offering in a beautiful eBook that can be shared through email, include links to your website and increase your visitors. 

Brand Assets

Includes: Customised illustrations for your website, branded Word and PowerPoint templates,  Business Cards, Online Call Background, Animated Logo and CV Development.

Media communications

Imagery to highlight your participation in events to be shared on social media. Communications for special occasions (for example Christmas) Make your Podcast audiovisual.

SEO Set Up

We offer a full all-in-one SEO package for after launch. We will make the necessary SEO set up that will make the implementation of effective optimalisation easier later down the line.

Design Everything, Think with Feelings.

2.4. Post-Launch Support

Continuous support is to be discussed at a later stage unless Ana would like some of the services below to be carried out prior to the website and brand launch. The offerings included in the Post-launch support are all of those included in the Pick and Choose plus the SEO set up.

SEO: We offer a full all-in-one SEO package. Do you provide content to other organisations (i.e., webinars) or collaborate in different events (i.e., webinars)? Please see below for a non-technical to the point explanation of what this package includes.

Design Everything, Think with Feelings.

3. Indicative Timeline

Week 1

Logo development

Abauder website audit

Exploration, functional design and development of “guiding page”

Week 2

Document development and formatting

(Visual and written) Content development

Week 3

Finalisation of the Logo y Documents

Week 4

Technical development & settings

Week 5 & 6

Finalisation, deployment and delivery of the Website

Design Everything, Think with Feelings.

4. Professional Fees