Design Everything, Think with Feeling

1. Introduction (“” or the “Client”) has invited Tailored Web Ltd. (“TW”), a company based in London, UK focused in the design and development of online presence of businesses and individuals to develop and design their new website. is a Brokerage business based in Toronto which provides rent and sale services in different neighbourhoods of Toronto.  

In this context, it is important for to develop a new website in line with their minimal and luxury brand guidelines. Additionally, the client wants to be able to fully control and manage the website after deployment. 

This is our proposal (the “Proposal”) and presents our methodology, objectives and deliverables as well as establishes an indicative timeline and budget to complete the project.

Design Everything, Think with Feelings.

2. Methodology & Deliverables

Objectives and approach

The objective of this engagement is to support from website inception to post launch. The following steps will constitute our methodology for website development:

Brand Audit

Includes a deep understanding of brand guidelines.

Pick and Choose (Opt.)

Services like Illustrations to fine-tune your brand and reach your audience.

Tailored Web

Website development and deployment.

Post-launch (Optional)

SEO and Social Media Content as part of post-maintenance service.


D1: Website

Five main stages: Design & content development, technical development, deployment and delivery.

D2: Pick and Choose Services (Optional)

To be decided while developing D1.

D3: Post Launch (Optional)

To be decided after developing D1.

Design Everything, Think with Feelings.

2.1. Brand Audit

This audit allows us to have rich understanding about branding guidelines and project requirements. We will be following the steps below:


Branding Attributes: TW and will develop a list of attributes which the brand should contain to appeal to the target audience.  These attributes will be contrasted with relevant industry players to establish a unique position for within the real estate broker industry. 


Brand Guidelines: will provide TW with the brand guidelines in order to develop the Website. TW will support defining a brand image consistent with the previously defined branding attributes. 


Please note that custom imagery or illustration development is not included in this step. It will be part of 2.3. Pick and Choose Services.

Examples of Branding Repositioning of several of our clients after the step 2.1 Brand Audit

Development of Brand Assets as part of the Brand re-positioning is always an option:

  • Logo adjustment;
  • Typography;
  • Colors;
  • Brand Guidlines;
  • Business Cards;
  • Branded contract, invoices, code of conduct etc.

Design Everything, Think with Feelings.

2.2 Tailored Web

Based on our experience, we anticipate the following four main stages for the design and development of the Website. We understand this website will have 5 main pages and 7 subpages.

We will perform an evaluation of website with recommendations on how to improve it and develop a first draft or “guiding page”.

The process to create the guiding page is the following:

1. Taking into consideration brand guidelines, TW develops a website schema and a first draft of the “guiding page” (probably the homepage) that will serve as a guide for the visual design & functional design.

2. The rest of the pages will be created based on the guiding page. will be weekly involved in the process of creating the pages and will provide feedback in all the steps of the process.

(Visual and written) Content development

TW will assist in the development, conceptualisation and visualisation of the website imagery and illustrations. Additionally, TW will support in the creation of written content while also providing advice on the strategy and synthesisation of it.

  • OPTIONAL EXTRA: Pick and Choose Services (customised imagery, iconography, infographics) Please visit section 2.3. to know more.
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA: Senior assistance in content development: At TW, we count with seasoned copywritting advisors to strategically assist our clients in the development of content that is both impactful and informative.
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA: Keyword research: If required, we can perform a targeted research on the most used industry keywords. This will allow  to achieve a higher ranking in the most popular search engines (i.e., Google) and will save a great amount of time later down the line as we will develop content with such keywords in mind.
Website technical development and settings

Once all the website is designed in our server and with an provisional domain. We will work on the migration of the website to your desired hosting and domain. We will take care of the implementation of the necessary tools for development and deployment. This includes but is not limited to tools for:

  • SEO: Such as Google Analytics or RankMath to segment the audience and market the site once launched.
  • Security and development: Such as the Premium Divi Builder Pro which is a front-end builder but with more advanced capabilities and features; and
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA: Hosting your website on our server (siteground) and domain adquisition.
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA Integrated Payments: Such as PayPal or Stripe APIs to accept and process payments
Delivery and Website Deployment

 Subsequently we will deliver the Website to the Client and allow for guarantee of 7 days of supported amendments. You will always have our support and you will have access to change and control your website after we deliver it.

  • OPTIONAL EXTRA WordPress & Divi Builder Training.
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA A/B Testing set up: A/B testing is often used to implement different designs and chose the one that most encourages people who to buy a certain product or service offered through a website. Hence, once payments are implemented, A/B testing will allow to design, test and implement the most effective design. In this step we will make sure all the necessary tools are installed and updated for the later implementation of A/B testing.

TW Website Portfolio- MDC

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TW Website Portfolio - SPS

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TW Website Portfolio - CEDR (cost of conflict page)

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TW Website Portfolio - CMF

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TW Website Portfolio - Gillian Caroe

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TW Website Portfolio - Altair

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TW Website Portfolio - Abauder

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TW Website Portfolio - LCAM

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Design Everything, Think with Feeling

2.3 Pick & Choose Services

These services are not essential to develop your website. All these services could be chosen while developing the website. Therefore, it is not necessary to pick and choose them from the beginning of the process. 

They are highly recommendable in order to fine-tune the brand and reaching your audience. Find below all the different services and an approximate financial proposal for each of them. 

Pick and Choose Services Recommended for your Website (portfolio available on request)

Customised Iconography & Imagery

Customised vectorial illustrations will help your website to have a unique image.

FAQs. & Catalogue

Provide your cutomers with a downloadable ebook with the FAQs or cataloge of your services and portfolio.

Website Launch Strategy

SEO, Social Media Content Development and Website Launch Strategy as part of our post-maintainance service

Design Everything, Think with Feeling

3. Timings and Cronology

Week 1

Brand & Website AuditNew Website Wireframe and Guiding Page

Weeks 2 & 3

Content & Rest of the pages Development

Week 4

Apply Feedback.

Pick & Choose Services delivery

Week 5

Settings. Website Migration and technical development.

Week 6

Deployment & Website Launch

Design Everything, Think with Feeling

4. Financial Proposal